The Best Places To Buy Womens Clothing

Due to the rise of e-commerce, many bricks and mortar stores have gone out of business, especially those unable to react quickly enough to changing customer habits. Think of the demise of businesses that were once household names such as Sears and Blockbuster, who failed to react fast enough to the consumer shift to online shopping and streaming. However, there are some stores that are bucking the trend such as fast-fashion retailer Primark in the UK, who are exclusively physical store based and are thriving. We will look at some of the best places for women to get a wardrobe update.

  1. Online stores

Once I started ordering from online stores, be it clothing or electronics, I was hooked. It was so convenient and has become even more so over the past few years with many stores offering free returns if the products don’t fit. Orders can even be delivered to local “pick-up points” such as the post office or convenience stores so there are no delivery problems if you are out of the house. While there have been a few issues with sizing and styles which I may have not had had I bought in-store, the usually lower prices and quick delivery are enough to sway my decision. Searching for raincoats for women online is a lot more convenient than braving bad weather in search for one!

  • Thrift stores

The amount of quality clothing that is disposed of just because they are out of season is unbelievable. Apparently, some couture brands even go as far as incinerating old season products to stop them circulating and saturating the market. Talk about a waste of resources! If you are not familiar with thrift stores, or may be sceptical about purchasing used clothing, you may be genuinely surprised at what you can find, and honestly, the image of it being for those with a lower income couldn’t be further from the truth. Many beautiful dresses and accessories that are donated or disposed of, are still in great condition and can be bought for a fraction of the cost new, so I believe thrift stores are a great option for purchasing womens clothing.

  • Malls

Consider malls as more or less a scaled down physical version of online shopping. How convenient is it to have a plethora of clothing stores all under one roof and being able to try on the clothing before purchasing? This is one area that I highly doubt online shopping could ever replicate, and this makes malls a great place to buy womens clothing. Savvy shoppers may do their research on pieces online beforehand so they know what to look for, try them on in-store and possibly make the purchase online after to make use of the many discount codes online.

Not only do malls have many options, but they are also ideal for after-purchase care for faulty items or if you change your mind. This is much faster than mailing an item to return and waiting for a refund!

Okay Rune

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