Stay Organized with a Visitor Management System

We often hear that first impressions are key and that is exact the reason why you should use a Visitor management system. This will give you a complete overview of your visitors to give both you and them, a pleasant experience. It is easy to use and will make planning your days more organized and manageable.

Keep it all in one place

A Visitor management system will help you keep track of upcoming meetings, by gathering the booking information in a calendar. The system will notify you when the guest is here and when it’s time for a meeting. This Visitor management system will provide you with a complete overview today’s schedule, as well as in the upcoming days.

Use it as a safety measure

This also gives you the opportunity to communicate your offices’ guidelines before they arrive. In times like this, it is very helpful to always be informed on who is coming, who is here, what colleague they saw and when they left. It provides you with information about the client upon arrival, as well as giving you an overview of who are in the building in case of an emergency evacuation. In other words, a Visitor management system is a great tool to ensure a safe workspace.

Let your guest partake

Technological tools have made it possible to automate many different parts of our everyday and not the least out workplace. With a Visitor management system, you reduce the work for a receptionist and can even make it a fully operating reception without the need for human workforce. Your guest can simply check in to the Visitor management system by an app and register their arrival.

After check-in, a badge with their information is printed, you get notified that your guest is here, and the meeting is ready to be held. The badge is customized and with all the codes needed to check in and out of the building. In a managed reception, a receptionist can view all the visitor.

It has never been easier to keep an organized visitor schedule.

Okay Rune

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