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How to Make Your Office More Effective

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To have a company that is successful and runs smoothly, you want an office space that is effective. At the same, you want to consider that the office consists of people and every person might have a different approach to work. Still, there are systems that you can implement to make the office operate in a more effective way – like implementing a booking room system.

Every one of your employees might have a different manner of approaching their tasks and projects. But there are some things that everybody can use to make their days and time spent in the office more effective and productive. Having a booking room system is something that everybody can use, regardless of who they are.

Save time on booking meetings

It can often become a hassle if you book several meetings during a workday. Finding the right time and the right room can take time – time which you could use on more productive tasks. This is where a booking room system becomes relevant. With a system to book your rooms, you can easily see which rooms are available and avoid double-booking a room, which would cause unnecessary confusion.

There are different kinds of systems on the market, but one of the leading providers of this digital service is Pronestor. With Pronestor’s systems, you can more easily manage the workspace, and manage meetings, rooms, and visitors.

Time is money

You have probably heard the phrase, “time is money”, and the more time you can save on something basic like booking a room for a meeting, the more time you can spend on more giving tasks that have an effect on the bottom line. A booking room system is something every company should have since it will make the process of booking meetings more seamless.

You can visit Pronestor’s website to learn more about the systems, but one of the benefits of the systems is that they integrate with systems and software you probably are already using; software such as Outlook and Office365. And should you ever need technical support, you can get dedicated support from Pronestor’s team.

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Office Technology – The Best, Average and Worst Products to Use


When you’re thinking of investing in improving your office, there are many considerations that you need to take, not only with what type of technology you choose, but also the brand, costs and the long-term benefits. Just like purchasing a car, there is much to consider and a sports-utility vehicle from one brand can vary greatly between others. This is the same when it comes to implementing technology for an office; your need to find those that fit your needs and within your budget.

Below we shall look at what we believe are the best office products to invest in, the average that will do the job, and the worst that you should definitely stay clear of.

The Best – A Visitor Management System

For an office that has many people walking in and out of it for meetings, investing in such a system allows you to free up a receptionist or secretary’s time by removing the burden of organising meetings and rooms, and instead focus on more client-centric tasks.

A new visitor to an office or building would likely not be familiar with it’s layout and can often find themselves struggling to find the correct room for the meeting. By investing in a visitor management system the organisation is not only streamlining the work of their employees, but also improving the experience the client has when attending the meeting. Ensuring their arrival is stress-free will give them a good indication of what it’s like to work with that business.

The Average – Electronic Whiteboards

While these were extremely useful a few years back, in the current day-and-age of technology where tablets and computers can be connected to screens wirelessly, there isn’t as much of a need for such technology. An organisation would be better served investing in a large, high definition screen through which they can show presentations.

Electronic whiteboards may still be very useful in schools or in organisations that require more hand-written or drawn work and presentations, but on a whole there is more useful technology on the market that most companies could benefit from.

The Bad – Outdated computers

You may wonder why organisations might be using outdated computers, but do you remember how popular Microsoft’s Windows XP was? It was so popular that it was still being used even after Microsoft ceased developing security patches for the operating system. Not only does that make them an easy target for hackers and generally any digital security threats, but it also delays the progression an organisation might need to move forward.

Companies also purchase older models of computers purely because of their price, but are inevitably made to pay for it further down the line when the time to upgrade comes around much sooner than if they had purchased new equipment at the time.

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How the Philippine Government Can Step into the 21st Century


If you’ve ever had to deal with any government service in the Philippines, then you’ll agree that nine times out of ten, the process could be improved. This is a damning indication of how inefficient they are, which inevitably becomes a burden on the taxpayer and plays into the hands of corrupt officials. However, it is not all doom and gloom – the current administration has invested heavily in making some improvements across the board, digitalising many processes and therefore reducing inefficiencies and the potential for corruption, although there is still a very long way to go to get to at least Western standards. There are a few obvious ways that the government could help move themselves and their people into the 21st century, and we shall look at a few below.

Digitalise all their services

If you have ever stood in line in any government office you, like everyone else, were probably screaming inside wishing there was an option that would allow you to make that application, submit information, or pay a fine, online. Instead you were probably seen by at least five different people, when one would have been more than enough, considering it could probably be done seamlessly online without the need for any human interaction. At the very least implementing a visitor management system in their buildings to ensure that no unscrupulous people (and oh are there many of them) can enter.

Also, by offering online options for services, the government would be able to keep a solid paper trail of all communications and transactions for future reference – extremely useful for analysing data and making important decisions on.


The way the country is laid out geographically means that although regions are proudly Filipino, they still consider themselves very independent, especially from the capital city, Manila. Unfortunately, being the centre of every government office in the Philippines, funding and power is closely tied to this region, even though the majority of funds are raised outside of this area. This has created much frustration everywhere else that doesn’t see as much funding as the capital. A move to federalism would allow each region to raise and spend their own taxes, and while this would not be perfect (especially for the poorest regions), there would be a much more even distribution of funds, and motivation for each region to collect taxes.

Encourage more investment in public transport

The traffic in Manila is horrendous, to say the least, and is constantly ranked amongst the worst in the world. This is not helped by the ease by which people can purchase vehicles, substandard driving, lack of parking, and a grossly inefficient public transport system. By encouraging more investment in public transport infrastructure, there will be more reason for people to choose the bus or train over a personal vehicle, and therefore improve the traffic conditions that a study showed to be costing the economy billions of Pesos per day.

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Diet hack guide – Eat more and burn fat

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We all need this guide and it may seem strange at first, but learning to eat the right foods and more of it will help you burn fat. Eating a lot of fast foods will not help you, so we need to go deeper to find out how to burn fat though food. The best way to start start is to make healthier side dishes. Making tomatoes, red peppers and spinach in a salad as a side dish will help you burn fat. Lets say you are eating a pizza. A good way to do that is by cutting the pizza in half and make that salad as a side dish to the pizza. You can then eat the other pizza half the day after.

Burning fat through foods is difficult, but you can learn to manage it and take the benefit of this metode. Fitness people and bodybuilders are using this metode with good results and you can use it to. Burn fat quicker and easier than ever.

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The ultimate guide to life


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