Do it yourself

Do it yourself

Employers and Employees – Why you should consider working remotely


Change can be good. Sometimes we need a change of scenery in order to feel refresh and relieve some of the stress associated with our working and personal lives. Until relatively recently, the effects of stress at work had been underestimated. In certain cultures, especially for men, personal life should not interfere or be seen to be having a negative effect on the ability to work. Men were required to just ‘suck it up’, but we now know that in order for people to work effectively and efficiently, it is for their and the company’s benefit if they are in the right frame of mind. It would be better for everyone if a healthy worker worked productively for four hours, rather than be at work for eight doing next to nothing.

Do it yourself

Four Simple Steps for Running a more Effective Team Meeting


If you’re wondering how you can conduct a great meeting to inspire and engage your team and produce real results then you’ll enjoy these four simple steps for running a more effective team meeting.

1. Give the Meeting a Purpose

The most important thing is that he meeting needs to have a purpose. Ask yourself why you’re holding a meeting. Are you holding the meeting because it’s that time of the week/month, or is there a real purpose for bringing everyone together and locking them away from the world?